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Do you create a plan for your blog before you start writing it? Plans don’t have to be in-depth, but they can provide key points which serve as signposts for the focus and outline of your topic.

How to plan your blog

We look at 6 key reasons to create a plan before writing your blog.

1 – Identify research needed

Creating an outline shows you where you will need to research in order to provide further information.  It is ideal to include research in your preparation phase so that you have all the necessary information on hand, enabling you to write easily without any interruption.

2 – Promotes flow

Having a plan means that you don’t have to start with a blank page.  You already have subheadings which can be used as guideposts, facilitating flow when it comes to writing your content.  This can relieve the stress which sometimes occurs when starting off your writing.

3 – Clarity

When you can take a look at the overall structure and content you are able to get a clear idea of what you are going to be talking about, using the sub-headings as pointers to stay on track with your topic. This can also help in setting out a logical argument or discussion so that ideas follow logically.

4 – Promotes goal-orientated writing

Knowing where you are going with your content allows your writing to follow a prescribed course in order to achieve the key objectives and points of your blog.

This does not mean that your blog is set in stone.  These goals act as guidelines while allowing you the flexibility to modify the direction of the content in order to make it as relevant and meaningful as possible for your reader.

5 – Mastery

Preparation is essential for mastery, enabling the writer to think about content in advance and add substance to each point.  By having an overview of your topic you are also able to refine ideas.

6 – Physical act of writing

The act of physically writing allows you to put down your thoughts and ideas, making them tangible, bringing you into direct contact with the content. In this way you immerse yourself in your topic, increasing your understanding and ability to share this in your blog format.

Blogging is a skill which can be developed and refined through practice.  By making the planning process an essential component, you are able to establish a solid foundation from which you can introduce your own creativity and ideas, using the platform to reflect your personal voice or to create a unique voice for a your brand.

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