Graham Holtshausen

Graham Holtshausen

Founder & Creative Commander


Graham is a digital professional and founder of Freedom Studios, a creative collective spread across three continents. He has a relaxed, yet professional attitude with a creative flair, and a careful eye for detail. Slightly OCD when it matters. He can often be found providing strategic insight, managing projects or designing beautiful interfaces. Fun guy. Foodie. Aspiring photographer. Coffee snob, who loves a good latté.

Rober Rusanu

Robert Rusanu

Front-end Developer & WordPress Guru


Robert is a CSS wrangler, doing this for way too many years to count. He claims that he’s not a perfectionist, but he’ll hunt down any bug or flaw with the stubbornness of a pitbull. Has a weird sense of humour, one wife and one child. “That’s more than enough for most people.”, he claims.

Fred Jacobs

Fred Jacobs

Web Developer & Part-Time Rocker


Fred is a web developer with an affinity for WordPress, striving to build awesome websites. He loves solving problems and likes smiling, because it doesn’t cost anything to smile. He aspires to be really good at playing his electric guitar…one day.

Deena Hesp

Deena Hesp

Wordsmith & Digital Strategist


Deena is a copy writer and digital strategist with a rich fantasy life filled with ideas, words and stories.  She is obsessed with establishing emotional connections between a brand and its community, using the art of storytelling to effectively convey the brand’s personality.  When left to her own devices she can be found scanning the internet for new trends, reading a book in the company of her two dogs or somewhere in nature on a walking holiday, in an attempt to balance her workaholic tendencies.

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